This shirt used to fit 😊 now its getting to tight and short to cover this belly of mine 😄😀 Ohh and some lemon cake aswell hehe 💜

Such a cute chunklette

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Wow, just so sexy! Watching her eat and eat and pass out. Shes hot too!

This is ridiculously hot

The Itis though

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Laying large?

Nearly pinned to the ground helplessly with her own fat and her desire to eat and get even fatter

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Nothing like messy eaters. 

Such greed, such gluttony… Such decadent fatties

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I’ve been pretty fat-horny lately. :o I made a run for the boarder.🍭

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Anonymous said: What about teasing/name calling? Like saying something along the lines of "you're such a little piggy, unable to go two hours without food, no wonder you're so fat" (consensual of course)


fuck no | no thanks | eeeh | not sure | I’d give it a shot | sure why not | omfg yes | there go my pants | holy fuck take me now

Sort on on the border where I can really like it a lot or it kind of bugs me. It really depends I think. I like it more when it’s kind of an off comment slipped in that’ll make them fluster upon realizing, but not excessive use.

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